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Church Unusual: Sunday 8 November 2020

My dear Franciscans At this time of the year we are all no doubt caught up in planning – holidays, Christmas, 2021 etc.  This is true of us as a Parish as well. You are warmly encouraged to participate in the Parish Planning Meeting for 2021 on 21 November, 8:30-11:00 am Because we live in … Continue reading

Church Unusual: Sunday 25 October 2020

My dear Franciscans  Please come My dear Franciscans I hope this finds you well. Please remember that there will no longer be a 10:00 am service on Sundays.  Until further notice we will hold only one service per Sunday at 8:30, which will be both in person and broadcast on YouTube. All Saints Day and the Commemoration … Continue reading

Church Unusual: Sunday 4 October 2020

My dear Franciscans On Sunday we celebrate our Patronal Festival – St Francis Day. It is also the day that we, for the first time in six months, can come to church in person. It is also the first time that we will be broadcasting live on YouTube with a live congregation at the 8:30 … Continue reading

Church Unusual, Sunday, 13 September 2020

My dear Franciscans What a joy it is to be back in Johannesburg after two and a bit weeks of being away.  And how strange it was to travel, and be in different places after 6 months of lockdown.  I have returned rested and well, looking forward to seeing you all again in the different … Continue reading

Church Unusual 2 August 2020

My dear Franciscans Today is the last day of July, the 126th day of lockdown.  And we are together! We are intact as a community.  We have learnt much about ourselves, our community and new ways of growing our common life together.  And we have, willy nilly, become part of the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”.  So many changes … Continue reading

Church Unusual 19 July 2020

My dear Franciscans In my sermon last week I spoke of the transformative power of gratitude.  Each morning since, I have consciously made the decision to try and live the day with an attitude of gratitude to God. On two of the days – Monday and Wednesday – I was able to carry thankfulness through most … Continue reading

Church Unusual – Sunday 12 July 2020

My dear Franciscans All of us, I am sure, are now deeply aware of how close the coronavirus is with the Gauteng infection rate spiraling and a number of us with family and loved ones infected.  I’m sure we have many questions.  Dr Tim Wilson, our Resident Covid-19 Advisor, will be holding his second Covid Discussion … Continue reading

Church Unusual 5 July 2020

My fellow Franciscans We are into July … Wow! … and our journey in uncharted waters continues, a journey without a clear destination. In this time of uncertainty Abraham can be a powerful example to us. Over and over again God called him to go on a journey “to a place that I will show … Continue reading

Church Unusual, June 7 2020 and a letter for Pentecost- Archbishop Thabo Makgoba

My dear Franciscans Rev Nigel Andrews, who with his wife Jill, are members of St Francis, although we rarely see them as Nigel is assisting at other parishes most of the time, is a poet. He sent me this Pentecost poem and I would like to quote from it to remind us again of the … Continue reading

Church Unusual 31 June and Update on not opening St Francis

My dear Franciscans We are living in a time when changes that dramatically affect our lives happen amazingly fast. Know that the Parish leadership is engaged with these changes and will guide our community with love and wisdom. Find our message about not opening St Francis at this time below. Today we have several significant … Continue reading

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