There are many ways one can serve the Lord. At St Francis, we value the community of fellowship by sharing our time and talents with Parishioners who are like minded. As such, we invite you participate in any of the following Ministries we have on offer or make use of the services created by these Ministries.

There are many active groups that you are encouraged to join. If there is not a group that caters for your hobbies, or that uses the skills and talents that you have to share, why not start one? The various portfolio ministries and groups are shown below.

Anglicare Counselling

Anglicare was started to address the needs of individuals looking for counselling with a spiritual influence. This service is offered free of charge to those in need

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Arts and Crafts

The Art Group meets every Friday at the Church where they create a space to let your creative Juices flow. Some of their Art is later sold at Church markets to raise funds for Social concerns

Chapel Prayer

Pray for those in need or have someone pray with you in our Lady Chapel


The Communication Committee is responsible for producing all the Communication in parish such as the Franciscan magazine, posters, adverts, booklets, pamphlets, the website and more. We are always looking for new talent to join the committee please get in touch with us if you would like to join

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Data Projector

We use the data projector to project the service sheet during our various services. People involved in this ministry is responsible for changing the slides and helping the congregation follow the service.

Eco Group

The Eco group is responsible for all the eco initiatives which the church participates in. Organizing outings, eco initiatives and sharing information about our environment are just some of many initiatives they participate in.

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The Finance committee is responsible for looking after the finances of the Church

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People in this ministry ensure that the church is decorated with flowers every Sunday and on special occasions

Home Based Care

Home based Care looks after people who are unable to make it to church on a Sunday but still require prayer and communion.

Knitting Circle

The Knitting Circle meets at the church on a Thursday Morning and knit scarfs and blankets for people in need or baby clothing for new mothers who don’t have much for their new babies

Live Streaming Tech Team

The people involved in this ministry helps the word of God reach those who are unable to attend an in person service by streaming the service on Youtube. They are responsible for controlling the camera and production that goes into making the online service possible

Lay Ministers

Lay Ministers are elected by the church and after being trained serve during our various services


What is a service without praise and worship? Join our choir or play the organ/ piano and share your gifts of music during the service

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Mothers Union

The Mothers union is a member community in the Anglican church where its members work as volunteers in local communities, putting their faith into action by acts great and small, giving individuals in need a helping hand and enabling communities to have the confidence and skills to transform their lives in a sustainable way


ParkViews is an event held on a Thursday night where we invite speakers to share their knowledge on various topics of interest. This ministry has stopped during the covid pandemic but we hope to revive it again

Pastoral Care

Caring for this in need

Peanut Butter Sandwiches

Every Sunday after church we make peanut butter sandwiches which we then hand out during the week to the less fortunate in our communities

Prayer Chain

Our prayer chain prayers for those in need in our communities. You are invited to pray or be prayed for by submitting your prayer request in our prayer box in the church.


Readers read the first and second reading during the service.


Servers are trained before serving in the church. They assist the Priests during the Sunday Services

Sides Person

Sidespeople are the friendly faces you see when you enter the Church. They welcome new comers and help people feel at home in the house of the Lord.

Social Concerns

Our Social Concerns team looks put for the less fortunate people in our Community. They are responsible for the feeding schemes, clothing collections and donations and any other need which may present itself in the church

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Spirituality and Prayer

 Spirituality is about the way we live out our faith.  How do we, for instance, live out what we read in scripture and what our faith encourages in a way that enables us to respond to our world, our community (our neighborhood) and the way we grapple with our own lives?  How do we know God to be our place of prime belonging?.

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Singers Share their angelic voices during the services and form part of the Church choir


People in this ministry provide tea, coffee and snacks after the service. This very important ministry brings people together after the service to form long lasting friendships and fellowship


Our Children’s Church and Youth Ministry are always looking for new teachers to help grow children in the word of God


This portfolio consists of parish ministers involved in leading the Sunday worship and other acts of organized worship.

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Young People

Young people are invited to join our youth group which meets every Friday evening at the church

You are invited to make use of any of these ministries or if you feel that your talent can be used in one of these areas please contact the parish office