Church Inclusive: Palm Sunday, 2 April 2023

Dearly Beloved Franciscans

Throughout this Holy week, as we prepare to immerse ourselves in the realization of a God whose love includes suffering with us, we are also aware that part of suffering includes the pain of sinfulness. Traditionally, in many Anglican churches the personal, confidential “Sacrament of Confession and Absolution” or “Sacrament of Reconciliation” (as it is more commonly called now) is particularly on offer for those who seek the healing power of this experience.  Unlike the Roman Catholic Church, our understanding of this Sacrament is that “all may, some will, none have to”.  You will find the Preface explaining this Sacrament , as well as the two orders of Service used for this Sacrament in An Anglican Prayer Book 1989 from p447 to p453.  Should you wish to offer yourself

Herewith is the link for all who wish to join us:

Love and Grace


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