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Church Inclusive: Third Sunday After the Epiphany 23 January 2022

Dearly Beloved Franciscans For so many young people, matric results feel like a “make or break” situation. What has happened in our thinking that we take an ASPECT of our lives and define the WHOLE of our lives by this one thing, be it an exam result or an illness or…?   Suddenly we move from … Continue reading

Church Inclusive: Second Sunday After the Epiphany 16 January 2022

Dear Franciscans Once again the church, or is it God in some people’s minds, was brought into disrepute this week as we read and heard of a pastor whose bill for one night in a club amounted to R1.3 million.   Remember that Jesus was accused of being a drunkard and a glutton because he was … Continue reading

Church Inclusive: The Season Of Christmas December 2021

Dear Franciscans I wonder how many of us realise just how organically, tangibly real the HOPE of Christmas is and that each of us is living proof of it every day of our lives! Just think about it…if God no longer had hope in us,  God could withdraw our ability to procreate.  The very fact … Continue reading

Church Inclusive: Third Sunday of Advent: 12 December 2021

Dear Franciscans It is an exciting time for our community as we anticipate celebrating Michelle’s institution on Sunday.  Bishop Steve is looking forward to joining us and sharing with us in liturgy and word.  Please join us online or in person.  We’ll enjoy tea in the garden afterwards. We are blessed to have you join … Continue reading

Church Inclusive: Second Sunday of Advent: 5 December 2021

Dear Franciscans Joy and sorrow live side by side this week.  As we come to Jesus, we give thanks for Michelle joining our community but we are also saddened by the death of Mike Williams.  In God these opposites are held in ways that draw us into the hope and majesty of our faith journey.  Beginnings … Continue reading

Church Inclusive: First Sunday of Advent: 28 November 2021

Dear Franciscans The well known spiritual writer and priest Henri Nouwen said about Advent anticipation, “Waiting is a period of learning. The longer we wait, the more we hear about God for whom we are waiting.”  May these weeks in which we come together to watch, wait, wonder and wander be filled we unexpected hope … Continue reading

Church Inclusive: Christ The King: 21 November 2021

Dear Franciscans This Sunday sees many riders and their bicycles gathering and enjoying greater freedom in our city.  This is wonderful and we pray for their safety and this initiative which comes with unity in a common pursuit – all 94.7 kilometres of It!   No doubt there will be some sweat and tears but also living in … Continue reading

Church Inclusive: Twenty Fifth Sunday After Pentecost, 14 November 2021

Dear Franciscans On this Remembrance Sunday, it is hard not to reflect on the futility and tragedy of war.  Without exception we have all been affected by the impact of violence and war.  Jesus said, Blessed are the peacemakers.  May we seek to know what this blessedness means more each day as we act with courage … Continue reading

Church Inclusive: Twenty Fourth Sunday After Pentecost, 7 November 2021

Hello to you all, We welcome Rev Prof Maria Frahm Arp to share with us on Sunday. We see Maria each week on YouTube as she reflects with us, but it will be good to have her in church as part of our service! Please join us at 8.30 on Sunday in person or online https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt35PbtR_ZhmeLxXjQ3EIBg As … Continue reading

Church Inclusive: Twenty Second Sunday After Pentecost, 31 October 2021-Celebrating St Francis)

Dear Franciscans As we come to the end of this month in which we have celebrated the life and ministry of St Francis, I hope you know how God calls us to live each day with the expectation that impossible things are possible by faith.  In the company of God and the company of each … Continue reading

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