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Church Unusual: Sunday 22 November 2020

My dear Franciscans This is the promised second email of the day.  Attached find the usual Friday attachments for our Sunday service. The end of the year is always a busy time in the Parish, so as 2020 draws to a close please keep the Staff and Clergy in your prayers as we ensure the … Continue reading

Church Unusual: Sunday 15 November 2020

My dear Franciscans This past week has seen the deaths of three people who were connected to the Parish. On Saturday Ellings Zgambo passed away.  We pray for the repose of his soul and hold Jane Hlela and their children Bongo and Hazel in our prayers. . On Monday  Anne (Betty) Hope passed away. We pray for the repose of … Continue reading

Church Unusual: Sunday 11 October 2020

My dear Franciscans Our Patronal Festival last Sunday was a wonderful experience, especially welcoming people back to church for the first time since lockdown.  Thank you for all the many responses which indicated how well everything went. There are a few squiggles which we will be able to sort out as we go forward. This Sunday, … Continue reading

Church Unusual: Sunday 1 November 2020

My dear Franciscans At the 8:30 service on Sunday, we will celebrate All Saints Day and the Commemoration of the Faithful Departed (also known as All Souls Day). All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day have been observed for much of the Church’s history. On All Saints’ Day we remember all those who have been … Continue reading

Church Unusual: Sunday 8 November 2020

My dear Franciscans At this time of the year we are all no doubt caught up in planning – holidays, Christmas, 2021 etc.  This is true of us as a Parish as well. You are warmly encouraged to participate in the Parish Planning Meeting for 2021 on 21 November, 8:30-11:00 am Because we live in … Continue reading

Church Unusual: Sunday 25 October 2020

My dear Franciscans  Please come My dear Franciscans I hope this finds you well. Please remember that there will no longer be a 10:00 am service on Sundays.  Until further notice we will hold only one service per Sunday at 8:30, which will be both in person and broadcast on YouTube. All Saints Day and the Commemoration … Continue reading

Church Unusual: Sunday 4 October 2020

My dear Franciscans On Sunday we celebrate our Patronal Festival – St Francis Day. It is also the day that we, for the first time in six months, can come to church in person. It is also the first time that we will be broadcasting live on YouTube with a live congregation at the 8:30 … Continue reading

Church Unsual and the Pew leaflet for 22 March 2020

Dear Franciscans We are moving into new way of being church. The video above is a first stab at this. The very important Pew Leaflet which is attached contains detailed info about our way forward as a family. Please read it.LovePaul

Note about upcoming meetings and events

My dear Franciscans We are all aware that we are dealing with an evolving situation in which we are all making important decsions for ourselves as events unfold daily. Until further notice we will not have any group meetings at the church. This means the choir, Lent Bible Study, knitting group, Friday Study group, the … Continue reading

ParkViews: 12 March 2020: Jacqui Kaye CEO of Hospice Wits

Jacqui Kaye, CEO of Hospice Wits, will present our March ParkViews. Jacqui will talk on the multitude of services offered by the team at Hospice Wits. Hospice Wits was established back in 1979 by Stan and Sherley Henen who responded to a need in their community for Hospice care. Initially care was provided by a part-time … Continue reading

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