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Church Unusual: Sunday 18 October 2020

My dear Franciscans  Please come and help at our Sunday Services     Now that we are holding two live services per Sunday, we need special help in running them.  At the moment we need help at both 8:30 and 10:00 for: ·       Welcomers (to welcome, take temperatures and help seat) – two per service ·       PowerPoint – one per service … Continue reading

Church Unusual: Sunday 4 October 2020

My dear Franciscans On Sunday we celebrate our Patronal Festival – St Francis Day. It is also the day that we, for the first time in six months, can come to church in person. It is also the first time that we will be broadcasting live on YouTube with a live congregation at the 8:30 … Continue reading

Church Unusual, Sunday, 13 September 2020

My dear Franciscans What a joy it is to be back in Johannesburg after two and a bit weeks of being away.  And how strange it was to travel, and be in different places after 6 months of lockdown.  I have returned rested and well, looking forward to seeing you all again in the different … Continue reading

Church Unusual 5 July 2020

My fellow Franciscans We are into July … Wow! … and our journey in uncharted waters continues, a journey without a clear destination. In this time of uncertainty Abraham can be a powerful example to us. Over and over again God called him to go on a journey “to a place that I will show … Continue reading

Church Unusual, June 7 2020 and a letter for Pentecost- Archbishop Thabo Makgoba

My dear Franciscans Rev Nigel Andrews, who with his wife Jill, are members of St Francis, although we rarely see them as Nigel is assisting at other parishes most of the time, is a poet. He sent me this Pentecost poem and I would like to quote from it to remind us again of the … Continue reading

Church Unusual: Sunday 5 April 2020

My dear Franciscans This Sunday Lent draws to a close as Palm Sunday does the great work of transitioning us into Holy Week – Jesus enters Jerusalem where, as he has been telling his disciples as they walked from Galilee to Jerusalem, he will be tried, scourged and crucified. But thoughts of arrest and death … Continue reading

Church Unusual, 29 March 2020

My dear Franciscans Physical Distancing, Social Solidarity and Spiritual Reality. As we go into lockdown – an experience we have never known before, I am sure that we are all experiencing anxiety, anxieties of many kinds. Some of us are anxious because our age or underlying health vulnerabilities make us particularly susceptible to infections. Some … Continue reading

Church Unsual and the Pew leaflet for 22 March 2020

Dear Franciscans We are moving into new way of being church. The video above is a first stab at this. The very important Pew Leaflet which is attached contains detailed info about our way forward as a family. Please read it.LovePaul

Shrove Tuesday – 25 February 2020

Franciscans, It is that time of the year again that we gather around for a festive spread and flip pancakes. Calling upon volunteers to bring Savoury fillings, sweet fillings or better still your flipping skills! We need just 2L tub size for each filling (Savoury mince, curry mince, creamy chicken, thai chicken and vegetarian) An ovenproof … Continue reading

Join us for our Advent Market – 1st December 2019

St Francis will be hosting an Advent Market in the hall and garden on 1 December 8.30 – 12  (after the services) A variety of stalls with beautiful gift ideas and a tea garden.A celebration of community, new beginnings and God with us. All welcome

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