Church Inclusive: First Sunday of Advent, 27 November 2022

Dearly Beloved Franciscans

Happy New Year!! It may seem odd to say/write these words, and yet for Christians the beginning of Advent is our New Year.  It feels significant to remind ourselves to prioritise God’s calendar in our lives, especially when the commercial hub at this time of the year can overwhelm some of the profound, sacred meaning of anticipating The Incarnation. 

At the same time, on Friday 25 November, the 16 days of activism against the violence perpetrated against everyone but especially inflicted upon women and children, is such a gut-wrenching reminder of the devasting brutality that inhabits our South African society.  So, how does a Christian New Year speak into this?

The least we can do is to bear witness, to sit with the discomfort of not having easy answers, to make the time to listen to one another’s stories without judgment : both the inflictor and the inflicted, to hold fast to the power of prayer that God has gifted to us, and to remember that when the worst has happened it isn’t the end because God’s “end” is always the best and always holds new, abundant life!

So today, in our sermon-series, it is fitting that we explore “Joy in the midst of Suffering”.  We look forward to being together in-person and online.  Herewith our link for our Sunday Eucharist :

Love and Light


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