Church Inclusive: The Season Of Christmas December 2021

Dear Franciscans

I wonder how many of us realise just how organically, tangibly real the HOPE of Christmas is and that each of us is living proof of it every day of our lives!

Just think about it…if God no longer had hope in us,  God could withdraw our ability to procreate.  The very fact that babies are still being born is surely a Divine reassurance that God hasn’t given up on us. This in turn means that you and I are also enfleshments of God’s belief in us.  Just think on this for a moment….it is rather wonderful and sincerely humbling to know that everyone who has lived , is now living, and will live in the future is a holy exclamation of God’s resounding hope in the human race!

The pew leaflet is attached.  It will guide you from today until the 9th of January.  The Christmas liturgy is also attached.  Please join us in person or online as shown on the front of the pew leaflet.  Here is the link:

Love and Joy


Please find attached:

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