Church Unusual, Sunday, 13 September 2020

My dear Franciscans

What a joy it is to be back in Johannesburg after two and a bit weeks of being away.  And how strange it was to travel, and be in different places after 6 months of lockdown.  I have returned rested and well, looking forward to seeing you all again in the different ways we do so.

A big change as you have probably heard by now is that we will be opening the church for public worship in October.  We are working hard on how we will go about this at St Francis. 

Please note that services will look and feel quite different from what they once were:

1.     Each service will be limited to 50 people (including the clergy, lay ministers, videographers, musicians etc).  We might have two services on a Sunday morning.

2.     Services will be a maximum of one hour

3.     Communion will be only in One Kind (just the wafer, no wine)

4.     Masks must always be worn and physical distancing maintained in the church

5.     There will be no singing

6.     The liturgy will be on PowerPoint (all Prayer Books and Hymn Books will be in storage)

We will continue to live-stream our Sunday service on YouTube

Please be assured that we will continue to live-stream our Sunday service in pretty much the same was as we are doing it at present.  You do not have to physically come to St Francis to be in the service.  Church Unusual will continue Live from St Francis!

Please use the link below to access the Sunday morning Services:

Below please find the liturgy sheet, pew leaflet and children’s lesson



Childrens Lesson 13 Sep 2020


With my love and blessings


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