Shrove Tuesday – 25 February 2020

Franciscans, It is that time of the year again that we gather around for a festive spread and flip pancakes.

Calling upon volunteers to bring Savoury fillings, sweet fillings or better still your flipping skills! We need just 2L tub size for each filling (Savoury mince, curry mince, creamy chicken, thai chicken and vegetarian) An ovenproof dish would be awesome! If you would like to contribute on the sweet side (Apple filling, bananas, cinnamon, sugar vanilla yoghurt and ice cream) will be a quick guide!

Please call or email the office for more info and quantities.

Shrove Tuesday this year will be on the 25th of February at 6pm in the Hall. You can drop off non perishables or freezer stuff at the office between 8:30am -1pm weekdays or at Sunday services if you would like to do it sooner. 

We look forward to sharing a pancake with you and remembering the holy period of lent to follow Shrove Tuesday.

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