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August is the month of Compassion

How do we love?

“The Christian commandment to “love your neighbour as yourself, and God above all things” does not refer in fact to one single love, but to a balance between three loves: Of I and You and Him.  And it is not a question of loving one’s neighbour more than oneself, but of loving the human being – both in others and in oneself – and loving even more that which is greater than human.” Claudio Naranjo

What do the Great Commandments really mean and how do we live them with compassion?

On Sundays: 4 August – The Compassionate Foundation, 11 August – Loving God, 18 – Loving our neighbour and 25 August – Loving Ourselves.

Sat 17 August: 8.30 – 11,  A Quiet Morning including breakfast and the Eucharist:  The Compass of Compassion – time to restore and be still in the presence of God.

Compass of compassion



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