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St Francis, Social Concerns

By Tim Wilson & Esther Malia In the Bible, we read about Jesus’ ministry. He healed the sick and performed miracles in Matthew 14:13-21.  But, what we often fail to see are the lessons he is trying to teach us through those acts. Jesus’ deeds taught us about many Christian values, such as kindness and … Continue reading

Join in Silence to Save South Africa

We are going through very disturbing times in our country. As a Parish we are formulating what are appropriate responses we can take. We will communicate these with you today and tomorrow. Bishop Steve has written a Pastoral Letter, linked below for you to read and there is a call for all Anglicans to devote … Continue reading

How do we live compassionate lives?

AUGUST IS THE MONTH OF COMPASSION.  HOW DO WE LIVE COMPASSIONATE LIVES?  THE DESIRE TO IS A JOURNEY…ENHANCED BY PRAYER, BLESSING, CREATIVE ACTION AND UNDERSTANDING. The Blessing of Compassion Touching the forehead May we approach all other beings with Christ-like compassion, observing them with kindness.  May we let go of all harsh judgements. Touching the … Continue reading

August is the month of Compassion

How do we love? “The Christian commandment to “love your neighbour as yourself, and God above all things” does not refer in fact to one single love, but to a balance between three loves: Of I and You and Him.  And it is not a question of loving one’s neighbour more than oneself, but of … Continue reading

Join us for a Choral Evensong

Evening Prayer or  Evensong is a service held in the afternoon or early evening.  It is either a completely spoken service or, when music is added, it becomes known as Choral Evensong. Choral Evensong begins with a sung introduction followed by a spoken penitential section and the Lord’s Prayer.  There is a Psalm for the … Continue reading

Creativity displayed in patronal flowers

Lay minister Alison Chambers brought wonderful creativity to the flower arrangements for this year’s patronal festival, which was held today when she added various beaded birds to her flower decorations. In so doing, she reflected St Francis’s love of nature and all living things. Thank you Alison for your inspirational creativity. More photos of this … Continue reading

Upcoming events to celebrate our 90 years at St Francis

Join us as we celebrate 90 Years of Fellowship at St Francis Parkview

Passion to Pentecost – 50 days of moral action

Passion to Pentecost 50 days of moral action Bishop Steve has sent out a call for a progamme called Passion to Pentecost – 50 Days of Moral Action. In response, at St Francis, we will do the following every Friday: A 7 am Eucharist special Eucharist for our county. A Prayer Vigil in the church … Continue reading

Pew leaflet for Sunday 28th February 2016

Click on the photo below to read this week’s pew leaflet.

Pew leaflet for Sunday 20 December 2015

To read this week’s pew leaflet, please click on the photo below.

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