ParkViews 12 April 2018: “Nguni and other Cows”

The next ParkViews will take place on Thursday 12th April at 18:00 when Prof Este van Marle-Koster will talk on:

“Nguni and other Cows”

Southern Africa is richly endowed with a variety of indigenous livestock breeds which include cattle, sheep and goats. These different breeds and types are well adapted to the large range of diverse biomes. The domestication of livestock date back to 12 000 years ago when humans began settling in the Fertile Crescent, when humans commenced with selection of animals for food, hides and fibres. Unique phenotypic and genetic characteristics and traits will be discussed for breeds such as the Nguni and Drakensberger and Bonsmara cattle and their role in answering to the environmental, social and consumer challenges for livestock production and food security in South Africa.

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