Monthly Eco Focus: Saving water

August is the month of compassion and as the ECO Group we ask you all to stretch your thoughts and actions to showing compassion to our environment.

Our monthly ECO Focus for August is on saving our essential resource – Water.  Felicity Kitchin has researched and put together this excellent short article on how to save water.

There are the obvious ways of saving water, but what is particularly interesting (and in many ways shocking!) is how we can reduce the usage of water by what we eat! 

This is given in a one page tabular form that you can print and put on your fridge door or at your work stations.  Share it with family and friends. 

More examples can be obtained from the references that are given in the document.  Thank you Felicity.

We urge you to take up the challenge of monitoring your water usage and we would really appreciate some feedback over the next few months as to what savings you have been able to make.

With love and blessings from your ECO Group.

How to save water

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