Church Unusual 31 June and Update on not opening St Francis

My dear Franciscans

We are living in a time when changes that dramatically affect our lives happen amazingly fast. Know that the Parish leadership is engaged with these changes and will guide our community with love and wisdom. Find our message about not opening St Francis at this time below.

Today we have several significant documents attached to this message.

  1. A new liturgy sheet for Pentecost and the Season after Pentecost which we will use starting this Sunday. Please note that it has major changes from the Eastertide Liturgy. If you can print it for your use on Sunday mornings that would be great.
    This Sunday is Pentecost Sunday and you might want to wear something red as is our custom.
  2. The Pew Leaflet for Sunday.
  3. The Children’s Church material for Sunday.

An important message from the Parish Leadership:

We are Not Opening St Francis for Sunday Services for now!

As we all are aware President Ramaphosa announced on 26 May that churches may resume worship services. Archbishop Thabo’s response was “It is with awe and trepidation that I welcome President Cyril Ramaphosa’s acceptance that faith communities will be responsible and careful enough to return to worship under conditions which will not allow the spread of the coronavirus.”

Please be assured that we will not immediately re-open St Francis as a knee-jerk response to the President’s announcement. Once the government has published its new regulations the Archbishop has indicated that “ACSA, with the help of our COVID-19 advisory team, will consolidate the regulations and the guidelines that religious leaders have drawn up and update our own guidelines accordingly.” Our St Francis Executive, Clergy and Parish Council are in constant communication to monitor developments as we await forthcoming guidance from the Archbishop and Bishop Steve.

Until we have done everything in our power to create and maintain a safe space and fulfil the stringent Occupational Health and Safety requirements, we will not consider St Francis reopening. We will continue with our weekly schedule as we have done since the start of the lockdown and worship in our homes and on our social media platforms. We will, however, move as swiftly as possible to implement the necessary measures, as and when advised, to responsibly reopen Sunday services.

In love for all. Stay safe. Stay home. Stay well. Stay prayerful.

Be assured of our prayers and love for you all
Paul and the Parish leaders.

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