Pet pigs, pups and parrots – all welcome at the blessing of the pets service

Prayers for this youngsterEnjoying the sun and fresh air in the St Francis gardenPet pigs, pups and parrots, traditional dogs and cats, rats, reptiles and ravens, old fashioned budgies, canaries and parakeets, gerbils and white mice, even goats, sheep and exotic pets – all these will be heartily welcomed at the annual Blessing of the Pets service to be held at St Francis Anglican Church, Parkview, at 09h30 on Sunday 11 October.

The service is a relaxed affair in the beautiful gardens of St Francis Parish at 46 Tyrone Avenue, Parkview. It has a rich tradition based on the ministry of St Francis of Assisi, which held that all of God’s creatures are precious.The silkworms were not forgotten as Tim prayed that they would grow into beautiful moths

Every pet will receive a personal blessing from one of the priests during the service.

We look forward to welcoming a wide variety of pets and their owners at the service. Owners should please bring their animals suitably restrained on leashes or in pet-friendly containers, to ensure the peace and harmony which St Francis himself advocated.

Enquiries can be directed to the church office at 011-646-2660 (mornings only).


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