“Park Views” started ten years ago and is advertised as “a series of short talks, on current issues, presented by experts, sometimes living close to Parkview!”

It takes place on the second Thursday of each month at 6pm sharp (except in December and January), at St. Francis Anglican Church (“by the bottle store!”) 46, Tyrone Avenue, Parkview, and is attended by a regular 80 to 100 people, none of whom are experts on the topic of the day. They have supported this initiative for the past ten years as they are interested in what is happening around.

To date we have been extremely  fortunate in having hosted a number of first rate presenters who have talked on a variety of issues such as Black Holes,  Volcanoes, Supreme Court of Appeal, Refugees, Climate Change, Darwin, Story Telling, Race and Patriotism, Biomimicry, San Rockart, Fracking, the SKA, the Higgs Boson, and Dinosaurs to name but a few. More recently we had two retired profs, living across oceans from each other, speaking on how they were able to write novels together, then Richard Steyn on General Jan Smuts and Prof. Anthony Turton on Water in SA.

The presenters are asked to talk for no longer than 40/45 minutes. This is followed by 10/20 minutes Q’s & A’s, after which people chat, have a glass of wine and go home.


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