Pew leaflet 26 April 2015

Please click on Sunday 26 April 2015  to read the pew leaflet on the screen.

To be able to read the text, you will need to zoom in on the screen. You can do so by clicking on the zoom button towards the top right of your screen.  It looks like a magnifying glass with a + sign in it.

2 Replies to “Pew leaflet 26 April 2015”

  1. Bronwyn Tucker

    Hello all, please would it be possible to read your emails / posts, on our phones and not only on a computer, it would be really helpful to do so? Thank you, regards, Bronwyn Tucker 🙂

    • Ruth Coggin

      Hi Bronwyn, thanks for the suggestion. The platform we use for publishing the pew leaflet and The Franciscan does not support a mobile version as part of its free subscription. In order to do so, the subscription would cost us about R6000 a year. If you can help us find a sponsor, it would be great! Most other posts should be readable on your phone. You may need to download a WordPress app to get the best viewing experience. Regards

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