St Francis e Letter 7th Sept

St Francis GravatarSunday Duties: To see if you are on duty click here.  Please notify the parish office if you are unable to do a duty. If possible arrange with some else to do your duty but please still notify the parish office.

Readings: The readings for this Sunday 7th Sept:   Isaiah 24:1-6;  Psalm 98:1-9; Romans 8: 18-25; Matthew 8:18-25.  These readings are Season of Creation readings.

Sermon:  Bishop Brian Germond

Please note:  This Tuesday 9th September there is no Eucharist at 5.30 pm.

Person in need:  A Malawian national living in Honeydew was recently robbed of all his belongings, including his savings, his clothes, bedding, and household appliances.  He wears size 30 pants and size 6 shoes.  Anything you are able to spare would be highly appreciated. Please contact Sara Nieuwoudt at or 083-428-4392

Visit of Chris and Julia Mann – exploring faith through art:  Chris and Julia Mann will be visiting Johannesburg Chris Mannin early September. Both are well-known and highly regarded in their fields: Chris as a poet and Julia Skeen as an artist and meditation practitioner. Chris and Julia have kindly offered their passion and expertise at tJulia Skeenhe following events to be held at St Francis Parkview. Young and older are welcome to attend sessions of interest to them.  To see the full programme please click here.

5th September (Fri): 

  • Making and using Anglican Prayer Beads – 18:00 – 10:00  for those aged between 9 – 17    – Ellis Herbert Hall
  • Presentation and discussion of dramatic monologues based on Ignatian explorations of biblical texts, written by Chris Mann. – 18:00 – 20:00 in Frank Clark Hall.

Baroque Concert: Come and Baroque With Us. On Saturday 6th September at 5 pm, the trio of Merryl Monard (flute), Baroque ConcertAndrew Cruickshank (harpsichord) and Elmarie van der Vyver (violin) will join together to perform an exciting chamber music concert of Bach, Kirnberger and Boismortier at Francis Church, Parkview.  Tickets are R110 and can be bought from Bart Cox on 011 447 1139 or

So join us for a late afternoon of intimate music in the charming setting of St Francis Church, 46 Tyrone Avenue, Parkview.


Dr. Dale McKinley will talk on “The Real Fear Factor: Secrecy as the Mask of Power” .

At St.Francis Anglican Church,   46 Tyrone Avenue (corner Roscommon), Parkview

On Thursday 11th September  at 6pm (sharp) till 7pm.

Secrecy has always been one of the most dangerous enemies of democracy. Any meaningful democracy, by its very nature, demands openness, transparency and accountability – these are the currencies of democratic freedom. On the other hand secrecy, as human history has so often shown, is the currency of authoritarianism (whatever the ideological variety), of social, economic and political control by those for whom the securing and maintenance of power is the ultimate goal.

The presentation will look at what constitutes the secrecy agenda (inclusive of the Secrecy Bill) in contemporary South Africa, why this is the case and what the Right2Know Campaign has done and continues to do in response.


Dale T. McKinley is an independent writer, researcher and lecturer as well as political activist, based in Johannesburg. He is a long time social and political activist and has been involved in social movement, community and political struggles for over three decades. Dale holds a PhD. in Political Economy/African Studies from the University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill), USA.

Dale has been (and remains) actively involved in several political and social movements. He is the Gauteng spokesperson for the Right2Know Campaign and sits on its National Working Group.

The Right2Know Campaign (R2K) is a nation-wide coalition of people and organisations opposed to the Protection of Information Bill – also known as the Secrecy Bill – currently before the South African parliament. The Bill will threaten hard-won constitutional rights including access to information and freedom of expression.


Kerbside Garden:  Andrea Wolstenholme has agreed to investigate this project. Please look at the notice board for a

Kerbside Gardenlist of things and involvements that would be helpful in bringing the project to fruition e.g. being on a roster to look after the garden, providing seeds or equipment etc.  For more information contact Simon Ridgeway.

Knitting Circle:  Please note:  The Knitting group  meets on each Thursday except for the  first week of the month when they join the Wednesday service for tea .  So back to Thursday in the coming week i.e. Thursday 10th September.

Youth and Rock n’Roll:   Contact: Yvette:  vettiwils@gmail.comYvette

Rock n’ Roll:                Every Sunday at 9.30 am

Friday Nights:             4 pm   for younger Youth  and  6pm for older Youth

This Friday 5th Sept:

  • Making and using Anglican Prayer Beads – 18:00 – 10:00  for those aged between 9 – 17    – Ellis Herbert Hall

NB  Parents  – Please drop/fetch your children within the parking area. Yvette can assist you with the code.

Visit the Young Peoples page.

Season of Creation

The Season of Creation runs through September and concludes on St Francis Day 4th October.Season of Creation - Book 3

The preacher programme is

7th September       Bishop Brian Germond                       Climate Change

14th September     Cally Tuckey                                           Eco justice

21st September      Fiona Maskell                                         Water

28th September     Tim Gray                                                 Creation and Redemption

5th October             Rev Dr Kevin Balkwill (tbc)              Biodiversity

(The 5th October is also the parish patronal Festival)

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