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Pray for Peru

In this week’s cycle of prayer we pray for the Diocese of Peru in South America. “The Anglican Church of Peru is a missionary diocese in South America’s third largest country.  There are parishes and missions in Lima, Arequipa, Juliaca, Ica and Cabanaconde as well as numerous social outreach and development programs so desperately needed … Continue reading

Pray for Nigeria

This week’s prayer cycle asks us to pray for Oyo-Ibadan, Nigeria and the Rt Revd Williams Oluwarotimi. I’ve used the Anglican Communion and the Anglican Communion News Service websites for some of the info here.  They have plenty of info concerning Anglicans all over the world.  Please browse those sites when you have time.  Links … Continue reading

More thoughts on Japan – pilgrimage to Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Mike’s posting earlier reminded me of an email I received this week from the World Council of Churches, advising of a pilgrimage to Japan that is being undertaken in August. This is the text of the email: Church pilgrimage to Hiroshima and Nagasaki seeks action to end nuclear threats 26 June 2015 In early August, … Continue reading

Pray for Osaka

This week’s pew leaflet asks us to pray for the Diocese of Osaka, Japan and the Rt Revd Samuel Osamu Onishi.  “Why?” I asked myself.  “Who are they?” and “What prayers do they need?” I suppose the name of this week’s diocese jumped out at me more than the place names in previous pew leaflets … Continue reading

St Francis e Letter 22nd February 2015

This Sunday 22nd February – Lent 1 Sunday Duties: To see if you are on duty click here.  Please notify the parish office if you are unable to do a duty. If possible arrange with some else to do your duty but please still notify the parish office. Readings: The lectionary readings for this Sunday 22nd February 2015:   Genesis … Continue reading

Resurrection Way Retreat Programme 2015

The Resurrection  Way Community of St Benedicts and St Peters have published their schedule of retreats for 2015.  These include morning retreats, one day retreats, week-end retreats and some longer retreats too. Click here for their retreat programme. [Updated 22 Jan 2015] They can be contacted at: Website:   http://www.resurrectionway.co.za Phone:   011 435 3662 … Continue reading

Advent reflections by Archbishop Thabo Makgoba

Archbishop Thabo Makgoba has prepared a series of thoughts on Advent that you can listen to on his website. He will add a new set of reflections each week during advent. Click here to go to his website. You might like to bookmark that website to go there for other communications from him.

Visit of Chris and Julia Mann 3-5 September

Chris and Julia Mann will be visiting Johannesburg in early September. Both are well-known and highly regarded in their fields: Chris as a poet and Julia Skeen as an artist and meditation practitioner. Chris and Julia have kindly offered their passion and expertise at the following events to be held at St Francis Parkview.   … Continue reading

Invitation to an Adult Happening

A weekend encountering the love of Jesus Many of us were exposed through our children to the Happening programme – a rich and dynamic faith encounter for young people.  This invitation is for those of us who are no longer youth. ( i.e. 25 or older) Dates:   5, 6, 7  September  (Friday evening to … Continue reading

An Inclusive Liturgy for 10th August

This Sunday is the Sunday after Women’s Day (9th August) and Cally Tuckey has compiled a liturgy making use of inclusive language and celebrating gender inclusivity which we will use at the 9.30 am service.  It is an important reflection for us all.   There is also a valuable reflection on the use of gender … Continue reading

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