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Soul Encounters 14: Between Philosophy and Superstition

Please click here to listen to this week’s pod cast. ‘

Soul Encounter 13: Lessons from Lydia

The weekly podcast continues through the Acts of the Apostles and looks this week at Lessons from Lydia. Click here to listen

Soul Encounters 11 Transformed like Peter

Soul Encounters 11:  Transformed like Peter Click here to listen to the podcast  

Soul Encounters Week 10: Give and you will receive

Soul Encounters Week 10:  Give and you will receive Click here to listen to the podcast.

Soul Encounters Week 9: The Spiritual Discipline of Conversation

Soul Encounters Week 9:  The Spiritual Discipline of Conversation In this week’s podcast Maria considers how to live as Easter people. Please click here to listen.  

Soul Encounters Week 8: Our response to the resurrection

Soul Encounters Week 8:  Our response to the resurrection In this week’s pod cast Maria considers how people responded to the resurrection and especially as the story is told in John’s gospel. Please click on the image below  

Soul Encounters Week 7: Testing God

Soul Encounters Week 7 : Testing God In this podcast, Maria looks at the temptations of Jesus and in particular the 3rd temptation. Click on the picture below.

Soul Encounters Week 6: Changing theology in changing times

Soul Encounters 6:   In this podcast, Maria looks at Acts 11 – Peter appealing to the church in Jerusalem to accept Gentiles without conditions… The big question is – what does it mean to see our faith differently? Click here to listen to the podcast

Podcast 5: Lost and Found

Soul Encounters Week 5: Lost and Found In this podcast Maria looks at three parables – the lost sheep, the lost coin and lastly, the story of the Prodigal son as told in the Gospel of Luke.  Click on the image below.  

Soul Encounters – Week 4: Hearing Gods Voice

In this weeks edition of Soul Encounters look at how do we fear God. Maria explores the reading of 1 Samuel 2:2-10 where Samuel hears God calling him. How do we discern when God is calling us? Click on the image below to listen to the podcast.   Image credit: Cross Points Church  

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