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Our church has a verger.  I have often wondered what that word means.  The word “sexton” came up while exploring “verger”, so I have included that here too. Verger A verger (or virger) is a person who assists in the ordering of religious services, particularly in Anglican churches.  The office of verger has its roots … Continue reading


The hymn sung immediately before the reading of the Gospel is called a Gradual.  This does not mean that it has to be sung very slowly.  The name gradual is derived from the Latin word gradus, meaning a step.  So “gradually” originally meant “step by step”. To read more about this, and to see how … Continue reading

Unusual words

Parts of our modern Christian practice are based on traditions and beliefs that stretch back many hundreds of years.  As one of the articles in this section shows, even the architectural design of church buildings is based on theological ideas that existed long ago.  Even though our thinking about these ideas has changed, the traditions … Continue reading

Christingles and other Christmas traditions

 Later this year, the St Francis Singers will host a Christingle service.  I wondered what Christingle is all about, so I went looking. It seems that Christingle is a fairly new Christmas tradition relative to our other traditions such as the Christmas tree and Christmas carols. As is often the case when setting out to … Continue reading

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