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Pew Leaflet

Every week, St Francis produces a pew leaflet, containing many details of its activities. These include:

The pew leaflet is published on a Friday for the upcoming Sunday.  The latest and recent pew leaflets are available in the column on the right and also on the menu item below Pew leaflet.   To view the pew leaflet, please click on the relevant link shown in those places and you will be able to read the pew leaflet on the screen.

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    Dearly beloved Franciscans Today’s Gospel reading is commonly entitled “The Prodigal Son” .  And yet the son’s behaviour isn’t all that aberrant, he feels a bit like any of us…

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    Dearly beloved Franciscans As we engage in our Vestry this morning, we are reminded that the word Vestment and Vestry have the same root.  So as we receive various reports,…

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