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Join our lent course: People of the way

Our Lent program for 2019 is Lent Course developed in the Diocese in 2011 called People of  the Way.  St Francis followed the Course in 2012 and we are doing it again nine years later.

Why People of the Way?

In Mark’s gospel, Jesus is on his way to Jerusalem from the moment of his baptism.

Mark uses the idea of ‘journey’ to anchor the story of Jesus in a sense of movement, of travel, of purpose. Throughout the Gospel Jesus calls people to join him, to follow him, to  travel with him on the way: the way to Jerusalem, the way to the cross. Mark uses the  word “way” or “road” to mean not simply the physical road Jesus and his disciples walked,  but to signify the very purpose for which Jesus came into the world and to signify the path  of discipleship for those who would follow Jesus. “The Way” (ό όδος) is a crucial concept in  Mark’s Gospel. It is nothing less than the journey of discipleship, the road Jesus calls us to  travel with him.

The idea that to be a disciple of Jesus meant that one was on the way was significant  enough that in some places the earliest Christians called themselves “People of the Way.”

Sundays Date Theme
Sunday before Lent March 3 We are People of the Way
Ash Wednesday March 6 The Way of Penitence
Lent 1 March 10 Jesus’ Vision of the Way
Lent 2 March 17   The Call to the Way
Lent 3 March 24 A Spirituality of the Way
Lent 4 March 31 The Way is a Life of Service
Lent 5 April 7 The Way is for the World
Palm Sunday April 14 The Way leads to Jerusalem
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