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Notices 5 May 2017

50 Days of Moral Action

Noon Vigil: Friday 5th May

Our Noon Vigil will be held on the Bridge over the M1, between Donald Gordon and Mandela Children’s Hospital and at the Southern end of Oxford Rd.

All are most welcome to join us.

Please see the attached letter from Bishop Steve below.

Passion to Pentecost – Vol 3

Melville Koppie Eucharist: 9:30 am Sunday May 7

On May 8, 1213, St Francis was given the mountain of La Verna, on which he built his monastery, as a gift by Count Orlando of Chiusi.  The EcoGroup thought that this Sunday would be an appropriate day on which to hold a “mountain” eucharist, on our Koppie.  There will be a 7:30 am service as usual at the church, but no 9:30 am service at the church.  It will be on the Koppie.

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