The education group is there to help us all learn about our faith and to become disciples of Jesus.  We aim to help people understand and know what they believe and to explore their faith.

The activities of the education group are varied as we are involved in many aspects of education in the parish from baptism classes to sermons.

The education group acts as a support group and is often not directly involved in all these activities.  So for example, Yvette, our Youth Pastor, leads the youth but the education group is there to support her and share ideas.

We organize education events such as talks and bible studies. We would like to get more small bible study groups going in the parish.

As some people in the parish struggle to find time to come to events we are hoping to make more use of electronic media.

We meet every 3rd Tuesday of the month after the Eucharist – which ends at about 6pm.

We would love anyone who is interested in education and teaching to join us.

For more information and to join, contact Cally Tuckey (M Theology)  082 901 5857 or

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