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Anglicare Counselling


Anglicare was started to address the needs of individuals looking for counselling with a spiritual influence. Anglicare is seen as a resource within the church and is thus offered free of charge. The Anglicare counsellors at St Francis are all part of the St Francis “family”, and they, like all Anglicare counsellors, have been approved and licensed by the Bishop of Johannesburg.  All counsellors are trained in basic counselling through the Family Life Centre.

Our aim is to listen to peoples’ stories and to offer guidance and emotional support where they are struggling with life in one way or another, so that they can deal with the issue and move on with their lives, stronger and wiser from their experience. We believe that our crises are often the very place where we encounter God in a new and deeper way. We therefore aim to equip people with the skills to better deal with situations which they find overwhelming and beyond their locus on control.

If you are interested in getting in touch with an Anglicare counsellor you are welcome to contact them directly or through the St Francis Parish office on 011 646 2660.

Anglicare also exists within other parishes in the Johannesburg Diocese and you are welcome to arrange a meeting with one of their Anglicare counsellors if that approach would be more suitable.

Anglicare Counsellors at St Francis

Val Archer

Diana Lawrenson

Anglicare Counselling is available to everyone from all walks of life irrespective of religious persuasion.

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