What is it used for?

What is the parish roll used for?

The parish roll is the starting point for all communications sent to parishioners.  Notices about pew leaflets are sent out weekly from the parish roll.  The Youth Pastor regularly uses it to send emails to parents of the children in her charge.  The Music Director uses it to communicate with members of the St Francis Singers.

The parish roll stores phone numbers and addresses and is used when parishioners need to be contacted through those routes.

The parish roll is used to manage who is assigned to the various duties at services, who is available for such roster duties (e.g. Powerpoint, Tea, Flowers, etc.), and for sending out notifications of assigned roster duties.  If you would like to make yourself available for these duties, please update your details to become part of one of these groups.  You can choose from Powerpoint, Tea, Flowers, etc. , or you can create a new group in which you would like to offer your assistance.

The monthly lists of birthdays and wedding anniversaries are generated from the parish roll.  The list of anniversaries of deaths is also generated from the parish roll.

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