Dedicated Giving

Why do we give to the church?

Giving means that we can fulfil the needs of our community by having a parish in their midst – a church that can nurture their children, care for their aged, provide a safe space for prayer and worship and provide loving care and fellowship.  We want you to give so that we can fulfil the vision of our parish, trying to live out the life of St Francis of Assisi by caring for each other, living in harmony with our environment, and accepting among us those whom society and other churches might reject.

Is Dedicated Giving a spiritual discipline?

Yes.  As disciples of Jesus all that we have is his; everything is at his disposal.  The way we use our money is an intensely spiritual matter.  And the discipline of giving regularly to God’s work is an essential spiritual discipline.

What is Dedicated Giving?

DG is regular (monthly or weekly, according to your choice) giving of an amount that you commit to for the following year. It is a high priority commitment; a covenant you make between yourself, the parish and God.

How do I decide how much to give?

With prayer, patient discernment and practice. There can be no substitute for these three elements.

The quality of our spiritual life leads directly to the quality of our outward life. This is true for an individual as well as for a family, so that where appropriate, this discernment could be done as a family or a couple.

How do I make my Dedicated Giving pledge?

In order to become a dedicated giver you can simply speak to one of the staff, clergy or council members about your intentions. You can complete the form below after prayerful consideration and the DG recorder will be in touch to facilitate your giving.

More about DG

Fundraising is not a substitute for DG.  Fundraising is designed to augment the money pledged though DG, as it is often directed at specific projects.

The Sunday collection is also not a substitute for DG. The offering serves as a weekly expression of our gratitude to and dependence on God; so we pray “all things come from you and of your own do we give you.”

Your commitment to Dedicated Giving remains highly confidential.

Ways to give

There are a variety of ways in which you can dedicate to the church. In order to give you need to have a DG number so that we can allocate your contributions to you while your giving remains anonymous.

You can pledge in the following ways:

1) Through an EFT

Make a payment into the church’s bank account:

Banking details              

  • Name of Account:          St Francis Church Parkview
  • Account number:           50331107348
  • Bank:                             FNB
  • Branch Killarney 256 205

2) Cash in a DG envelope in the Sunday collection plate

Please ensure that your envelope contains your DG number

3) Debit Order

Set up a monthly debit order after prayerful consideration on how much you would like to dedicate.

Please complete the form below to become a DG member/ renew your contribution