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Church Inclusive: Pentecost Sunday 25 July 2021

Dear Franciscans The great theologian and priest John Henri Newman said, To live is to change, and to be mature is to have changed often.   We are going through times of great uncertainty and inevitable change.  May God be our first stopping place as we discern our way forward. Please join us on Sunday … Continue reading

Church Inclusive: Pentecost Sunday 18 July 2021

Hello to you all, This has been a difficult time in which many of our choices have been taken away. And yet, the choice to pray remains and makes an extraordinary difference both to us and who and what we pray for.  On Thursday and Friday our diocese gathered in prayer and fasting.  We were … Continue reading

Letter from the Bishop

Church Inclusive: Trinity Sunday 30 May 2021

Please note! For Covid reasons this Sunday we will have a Zoom Service.  It will not be on YouTube and there will not be a service from the Church. NB NB NB NB The wedding that I did for my nephew last weekend proved to be a Covid spreader event.  I tested positive yesterday, as … Continue reading

Church Inclusive: Pentecost Sunday 23 May 2021

My dear Franciscans Sunday is the great feast and Celebration of Pentecost.  You are all encouraged to consider coming to church for this special celebration.  We have plenty of space so there is no need to book and we will ensure that all windows are open to allow the good circulation of air.   So dress … Continue reading

Church Inclusive: EcoService Sunday 16 May 2021

My dear Franciscans Early May has become the time when we as a Parish go up the Melville Koppies for a Eucharist in the most beautiful surroundings.  When we are there I get a sense that we are standing in the tradition of the Sermon on the Mount when Jesus spoke to great crowds on a … Continue reading

Church Inclusive: Sunday 9 May 2021

My dear Franciscans In the early months of Covid lockdown last year I regularly used a prayer in our Sunday services that I would like to share once again with you as we seek for comfort and inspiration.   We are not people of fear: we are people of courage.We are not people who protect our own … Continue reading

Media Release-Blanket Drive

By: Esther Karimi Malia A blanket a day keeps the cold at Bay Together, we can make a difference to so many this winter Parkview Community blanket drive 10th May to 31st May 2021 Over the next few weeks the temperatures in Johannesburg will plummet. Not only will the homeless have to cope with the … Continue reading

Eco Focus For May

The ECO Focus for May is  “Biodiversity and Spirituality” The term of biodiversity (biological diversity) refers to the amount of diversity between different plants, animals and other species in a given habitat at a particular time. “Biodiversity” is not a biblical term but it is a deeply biblical concept as expressed in this Biblical quote: “God filled … Continue reading

Earth Day 2021

The ECO Focus for April 2021, based on 22 April 2021 being Earth Day, is the prevention of the contamination of our environment.  As the world commemorates this day we look into what the Bible says about the importance of caring for the environment.  As part of our Christian walk we should be the concerned … Continue reading

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