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Who was St Francis?

This Sunday, I am on Sunday School duty. (I still cannot get used to calling it “Rock and Roll”.  Who of you can say, without checking on the website, why it is called Rock and  Roll?)  The topic for this week is “Who was St Francis?”. It would be extremely dull just to talk to … Continue reading

Guitar concert. 4 Feb 2016

Rose Festival 3 Oct 2015

Come and buy your beautiful summer roses. The sale is on at St Francis Anglican Church, Parkview on Saturday the 3rd of October between 9am and 1pm. Continue reading

Invite a friend to church

We would like to encourage you to invite a friend or family member to our Patronal Festival on October 4th. Think of a few people you know who do not attend church and pray for them.  Ask God for wisdom and discernment in your invitations.  When someone accepts, consider fetching them for the service and … Continue reading


The topic of today’s sermon was Water.    It reminded me of this short video clip (less than 2 minutes) that highlights the fact that every day about 1.1 billion people have no choice but to drink dirty water. ( The clip is at least 7 years old). Click in the link to watch it. … Continue reading

They’ll know we are Christians by our love

Posted on behalf of Cally Tuckey Date of sermon: 2 August 2015.  This was the introductory framework to initiate discussion Where: St Francis I have been doing studies related to theological education. I looked at what it is that contributes most to making people, who are studying theology and training for the ministry true disciples of … Continue reading

August is the month of Compassion

On Sunday, Sue Jordaan reminded us that August is our month of Compassion.  She read to us this description of Compassion. Compassion means to become close to the one who suffers. … A compassionate person says: “I am your brother; I am your sister. I am human, fragile and mortal, just like you. I am … Continue reading

Feeding the 5000 with the help of a child

Posted on behalf of Reverend Canon Cynthia Botha Date of sermon: 26 July 2015 (9th Sunday after Pentecost) Where: St Francis There are two important stories in the gospel for today –you will see we are reading from the gospel of John – the feeding of the 5000 and immediately following that – Jesus walking … Continue reading

Please pray for Quebec

In the Anglican Community Cycle of Prayer we pray for the Diocese of Quebec (Canada) and its Bishop, Right Revd Dennis Paul Drainville. The Diocese The Anglican Diocese of Quebec covers approximately 720,000 km²  (larger than France or Afghanistan) and took its present shape in 1850 with the carving off of what is now the … Continue reading

Pray for Port Elizabeth and Pretoria

This week’s prayer request is for much closer to home: Port Elizabeth and Pretoria.  I’m sure you know where they are, so I won’t put up a map, although I’m equally sure that Anglican Communion members outside South Africa (who follow the same prayer cycle) will think of Port Elizabeth and Pretoria as neighbours to … Continue reading

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