Church Inclusive: Twenty Fourth Sunday After Pentecost, 12 November 2023

Dearly Beloved Franciscans

What a joy to share in 2 Baptisms this Sunday.  There is something so encouraging when families still want to make a public declaration of their intent to raise their child in a living, loving, life-influencing relationship with our Lord Jesus.  When we reflect on our lives, how faithfully are we living into the Baptismal vows made on our behalf at our Baptisms and which we affirmed for ourselves at our Confirmation?   The grace and wonder is that, without fail, God fulfils all that God has committed to in our Baptism, no matter how adequately or inadequately we continue fulfil our part of these vows  –  thanks be to God!

Join us in-person or online as we savour the gift of being faith-community together.  Herewith the livestream link:https //

Sunday 19th November — 947 Cycle Challenge

Please note that the 947 Cycle Race is next Sunday.

Please plan for exra travel time to church as there will be several road closures, we will circulate route map as soon as it is available.

Love and Joy


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