Church Inclusive: Twenty Second Sunday After Pentecost, 5 November 2023

Dearly Beloved Franciscans

On 01 November we celebrated All Saints Day in our Church Calendar.  St Paul consistently refers to all people who intentionally follow and are in loving relationship with Jesus as “saints”.  There is no mention made of morality or perfection. Apparently, according some research which I recently undertook, some form of saintliness is found across most forms of cultures and religions.  They all have the following qualities in common:  These individuals serve as inspiring role models, they appear to be unusually credible in their teaching of others to live lives of goodness, They are open channels of God’s power, they are intercessors both in prayer and in life, there is a noticeable generosity and unselfishness about them.    Not all of us can maintain all 5 of these all of the time, however we can all manage at least one of these SOME of the time and often this is good enough.  furthermore, these attributes are graces from God to us and then we can only say “THANK YOU, GOD!”  when they emerge.

Let us savour this special time of honouring the saints on earth and in heaven. Come and join us in-person on Sunday or through our live-streaming using the following link:

Love and Blessings


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