Church Inclusive: Twenty First Sunday After Pentecost, 22 October 2023

Dearly Beloved Franciscans

“God is in control!” We’ve all possibly either heard or even said these words at some or other time. I wonder what these words mean in the light of the war in the Middle East or even the statistic of at least 40 000 people dying each year, in South Africa, through murder and because of road accidents?  If God’s control is absolute then does that mean that God ultimately is the cause and/or supporter of, for example, war?  If God’s control is shared with us and allows for the inclusion of our choices then we have the power to change and redeem what is destructive and to change our ways.  May our grief and overwhelmedness at the pain and suffering in the world become a lament which nurtures an invitation to redemptive healing and supernatural peace.

Let us be peace-bringers as we attend our Sunday service either in-person or online using the following link:

Love and Hope


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