Church Inclusive: Twelfth Sunday After Pentecost, 20 August 2023

Dearly beloved Franciscans

The violence in Haiti continues to escalate as do the kidnappings of women and children, the devastation of the fires in Hawaii: a country that depends a great deal on tourism for its income, our own fraughtness as political parties and individuals robustly debate who and how South Africa should be governed and what this means in relation to the 2024 elections;  we could go on and on listing various turmoil’s, pains, devastations, and yet as Christians we know that any suffering is never God’s last word.  It’s not that we are called to ignore or avoid or dismiss any of this, in fact the reverse! We need to speak of this as well as continue to hold onto and speak of our faith, so that when the “rising again” comes we can proclaim this too for all to see and hear.  So let us gather together in mutual support and faith, in-person and online with the following link:
Love and Grace


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