Church Inclusive: Fifth Sunday After Pentecost, 2 July 2023

Dearly Beloved Franciscans

The calls made upon our compassion continues to feel stretched and over-stretched.  More recently we’ve been faced once more with floods and a tornado in KZN, the plight of refugees, statistics of child pregnancies in SA and so on.  Where do we even begin? The open floodgates of pain can so easily overwhelm us. I was reminded by a resident at June’s Haven this past week, the importance of counter-balancing these distresses by naming things for which we are grateful, one at a time: e.g. a blue sky, a warm pair of shoes, the ability to see….  The list is longer than we think and can cloak us with unexpected joy and hope.

Come and join us this Sunday at our 8.30am Eucharist, either in-person or live-streamed via the following link:

Love and Blessings


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