Church Inclusive: Fourth Sunday After Pentecost, 25 June 2023

Dearly Beloved Franciscans

Since the onset of Covid, there are certain words which have been come to the fore in trying to name what we are going through societally and globally. Words like: transition, crossroads, threshold, are still commonly referred to as we try to grapple with the accelerated change that we are living into.  Added to this, as South Africans we are conscious that our 2024 Elections also feel like a crossroads for us as a country.  When we name a time and/or a space with the aforementioned words, do we sit back and let matters take their course or do we proactively engage and be part of the positive formation of what will emerge. Thank you to Mat Lawrenson who will speak into an aspect of this through the lens of liminal space during our Sunday Eucharist.

Welcome to our in-person parishioners and to our online parishioners.

Join us either in-person or via our live stream link:

Love and Appreciation


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