Church Inclusive: Second Sunday After Pentecost,11 June 2023

In so many ways our westernized society has “lost” so many significant rites of passage. Blessedly, we do still have one or 2 rites (e.g. 21st Birthday’s) when we can bear witness to and significantly mark someone’s transition from….to… .  The church has a number of powerful sacramental rites that speak beyond societal acknowledgments and hold more wholly the earthiness and transcendence of the human experience.  Baptism is one such sacramental rite. Today we stand in faith alongside David Nolan and bear witness to his adult Baptism ; a choice for God, for loving relationality with the Divine and all life, and for the incarnate expression of this as blessing for all in all.  

Come and be a part of our special Service, in-person or online using the following livestream link:

Love and joy


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