Church Inclusive: Third Sunday of Easter, 23 April 2023

Dearly Beloved Franciscans

This Sunday’s Gospel reading about the resurrection appearance of Jesus to the 2 disciples walking to Emmaus is so rich with meaning.  It is possible that these 2 people knew Jesus relatively well during his 3 years of public ministry, so it seems strange that they don’t recognise him in his resurrected form.  We may feel that if we’d had the opportunities they had had to interact with Jesus face-to-face, we might have done a better job of recognizing him.  But the truth is that we all have those times when we feel consumed by the past or haunted by present traumas, and then we struggle to stop, reflect, and recognize where Jesus is in the midst of all of this;  afterall, the bottom line, is that he is ever-present all the time!

Come to church, whether online or in-person, as part of your stopping, reflecting and recognizing Jesus in your daily life. 

Herewith the link for the live streaming:

Love and Grace


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