Church Inclusive: Lent 4, 19 March 2023

Dearly Beloved Franciscans

What an intense weekend this is with our Vestry Meeting on Sunday 19 March, the threat of national protests on Monday, and Human Rights Day for South Africans on Tuesday. How do we make our way through these? This may sound trite, however, it feels important to remember that, as in all of life, we make our way through these 3 days also one breath at a time. Remember that every breath which we take is infused not only with various gases but with God’s Breath as well, since God’s essence is all-pervading. Draw strength from this and relax into the knowing that God’s timeless Presence is the bigger story and is the greater “container” which cannot be obliterated nor taken away from us as the ultimate story for all life. 

So come and share in our liturgical God-story on Sunday, whether in-person or online. Our livestream connection is:

Love and Hope


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