Church Inclusive: Fifth Sunday After The Epiphany, 5 February 2023

Dear Franciscans,

On Sunday we are considering what Jesus means when he calls us to be the “salt of the earth.”  It is a saying we know well and use to describe people who seem good and trustworthy in their very essence.  By faith we are all invited to be the salt of the earth and light of the world.  Let’s be refreshed together in this calling on Sunday at 8.30 – join us in person or online

Sunday is Dirkie’s last service with us so please bring a plate of eats and join the farewell tea after the service.  Should you wish to make a contribution to Dirkie farewell gift you can do so via EFT with Dirkie’s name as a reference, or you can bring cash on Sunday.  We are so sad to see Dirkie go but know we must be excited for him for the new opportunities that have come his way.   He has promised to visit us and make guest appearances!

Please find attached

  • Pew Leaflet
  • Bishop’s Media Release
  • Shrove Tuesday Volunteer Form
  • Sittopera Concert Flyer ( Irrespective where our events will take place SITTOPERA ™  offers members of St Francis 20% discount on tickets.)

May God’s love, courage and grace be deeply with you,

From all of us at the Parish Office

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