Church Inclusive: Third Sunday of Advent, 11 December 2022

Dearly Beloved Franciscans

How blessed we are to be God-touched through the grace of having The Revd James Martin ordained to the priesthood on Saturday, 09 December 2022. Every ordination, from within the priesthood of all believers, feels like a sign that God hasn’t given up hope in the Church!  To inhabit fully what is means to be a Deacon, a Priest, a Bishop is a process of formation within a faith-community.

No ordained person comes ready-made. The theological studies, the School for Ministry formation, the mentoring, personal prayer and Bible studies, practical involvement in church-related activities and ministries, are only a

part of a greater whole.  It is our privilege and ministry, as James’ main spiritual family for now, to continue to be Holy Spirit conduits of James’ ongoing formation as a person in Holy Orders.  At the same time, through this process, we shall also learn more about ourselves and be equally formed as people and as community. We all need one another in our various expressions of Christian vocation.  May we pray for the grace to be respectful and patient with ourselves and others in our lifelong learning and gradual growing into the fullness of manifesting the incarnate Christ.

Please join us for our Advent 3 Sunday Service, either in-person or online via the following link :

Love and wonder


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