Church Inclusive: Second Sunday of Advent, 4 December 2022

Dearly Beloved Franciscans

This week’s Advent candle calls us to HOPE.

Sometimes we seem to confuse “wishful thinking” and “hope”. For me as a Christian, they are not interchangeable. Wishful thinking feels asif it is something which exists in the realm of possibility, but doesn’t necessarily have anything substantive backing it.  Whereas, CHRISTIAN HOPE is based on the trustworthiness of God, not the God of our making, but who God truly is! God isn’t a wizard or a magician, but certainly is a refuge and the source of abundant life, etc.  When our hope is based on the essential truth of the Triune God, then our personal story is bigger than ourselves alone & based on things that are eternal. May we be part of God’s orchestra of hope for the world.

We’re looking forward to being together in-person and online this 2nd Sunday of Advent. Herewith the livestream connection:

Please remember the Advent Market after the service. There will be NO card facilities so please bring cash.

Love and hope, Michelle

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