Church Inclusive: Eighteenth Sunday After Pentecost, 9 October 2022-Month of Francis

Dearly Beloved Franciscans,

Other than being a tree hugger, I am also a pet-cuddler, so being at a St Francis is such a bonus for me;

especially as we give thanks for our pets on Sunday with a special PET BLESSING SERVICE at 10.00am at St Francis.  

This year we shall hold this Service in the courtyard at the entrance of the church. This’ll be a wonderful outreach opportunity, so that passersby out walking their dogs can see and hear what we’re doing, and maybe even join us!

We give great thanks for all of God’s creatures:  great & small, winged, scaled, furry, shelled or fleshy.

Join us either in-person or online for our usual 8.30am Eucharist,

and/or for the *brief Pet Blessing Service at 10.00am* which will be in-person only.

Herewith the online link for the 8.30am Eucharist:

Love and joy


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