Church Inclusive: Tenth Sunday After Pentecost 14 August 2022-Month of Compassion

Dearly Beloved Franciscans,

As we continue to be reminded of the undeniable importance of compassion in our Christian lives, it is fascinating to note that the words *passion* and *patience* both have their roots in the Latin word PATI.  In this context, patience does not mean “passive waiting” but rather “active attentiveness & full awareness”.  Clearly then, compassion and impatience cannot co-exist. When we re-read The Gospels focussing on the parables told by Jesus (e.g. the lost coin, the wedding feast…), as well as all of the miraculous healings he performed, there is this synergistic partnership of compassion and patience clearly visible.

May God’s grace of patience fuel our compassion for all of life.

We look forward to savouring the gift of being together on Sunday, whether online or in-person.   If you would like to participate online, herewith the link:  

Love and compassion


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