Church Inclusive: Eighth Sunday After Pentecost 31 July 2022

Dearly Beloved Franciscans,

As we celebrate our Children-Youth Service on Sunday, it is with a deep sense of awareness that in a way a child was the first “sacrament” that Jesus instituted. He uses very similar words, when bringing a child to the attention to the disciples, as the words that he used at the Last Supper when “He took….blessed….and said ‘do this/be like this’…”.

 All 4 Gospels have verses indicating children as being outward and visible signs of an inner and spiritual reality. Many theologians are still unpacking what this means, other than the capacity for wonder, to live in the immediacy of the present, their trusting- ness, their realness.

We thank God today in a very special prayer for our children, youth, Fabian (youth pastor) , Amy (children’s church teacher) & Candice (children’s church teacher).

Please join us either online or in-person; For the Service online please use the following link for our Sunday Service, 31 July 2022 :

Love and joy


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