Church Inclusive: Lent 4 Sunday 27 March 2022

Dearly beloved Franciscans

Today’s Gospel reading is commonly entitled “The Prodigal Son” .  And yet the son’s behaviour isn’t all that aberrant, he feels a bit like any of us when we have chosen to rebel and do things our way and in our time without any real consideration for those around us.    It is the father’s behaviour that is “prodigal”.  He shows prodigious love, irrespective of his son’s behaviour,  and in so doing reminds us that this is how God loves us.

We welcome you with open arms to our 8h30 Eucharist this morning.  You are welcome to connect with us by following the link below or by attending in-person.

Join us at 8.30 in person or online

Love and blessings, Michelle

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