Church Inclusive: Transfiguration Sunday 27 February 2022

Dear Franciscans,

As the world agonizes over Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine and historians, economists, journalists, and so on, all share their insights and opinions, I wonder how much of our business language reflects on a microcosm what is happening?   Just think of the phrase “a hostile takeover”!  This is the antithesis of the Gospel of Jesus the Christ. He always Lovingly invites .

As we enter into and inhabit the penitential invitation of Lent , may we offer ourselves as penitents for places of violence in this world and be conduits of healing and hope in all that we are.       

We look forward to sharing in the joy of Shrove pancakes this Sunday after the Service.  Thank you to all who have contributed and assisted ain any way with the delicious feast! 

Let’s come together at the table of life and hope on Sunday and know Jesus is with us.  Join us at 8.30 in person or online

Love and Mercy, Michelle

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