Church Inclusive: Seventh Sunday After the Epiphany 20 February 2022

Dear Franciscans

As I’ve been reflecting on this Sunday’s Gospel, especially around the words of “loving our enemies”, I’ve been wondering ….what if before any of us speak we do 3 things : 1. Think before you speak ;  2. Ask yourself  “is this true?”  3. Is what I’m going to say kind?   I believe that if each of us were to do this,  there would be a considerable decrease in enmity , destructive behaviour and violence.  

Please see the following attached:

1. The Feedback from the Parish Consultation on 29 Jan.  If you would like to add to the conversation., please let us know.  

2. An Invitation to our Lenten Quiet Morning – Sat 26 Feb.  This is a reflective way to begin our journey this Lent.  All are most welcome.

3. Our Pew Leaflet  

Do join us on Sunday at 8.30 in person or online at Love and Peace, Michelle

Please find attached:

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