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Church Inclusive: Sixth Sunday After the Epiphany 13 February 2022

 Dear Franciscans

“Words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service, and physical touch” , these are the 5 languages of love explored in a book of the same title written by Gary Chapman in 1992. With Valentine’s Day, on 14 February , highlighting our giving and receiving of love not only in romantic relationships but across all forms of relationship, it may be helpful to remind ourselves that not everyone communicates love in the same way. Remember:  No matter what your love language is, it is as valid as any other love language. Also, I believe that there are more than these 5 primary expressions of love;  what about the love language of being a presence exuding unconditional positive regard?  And what about the love language of prayer? Perhaps you can think of some others too.       

Love, Michelle

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